2012 IEEE Award for Excellence in Scalable Computing


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TCSC - Europe
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The primary aim of the European Regional forums is to create a Technical Resource Centre that maintain listing of projects/activities happening in TCSC areas of interest. This helps in making regional activities

  1. gain global visibility and
  2. provides opportunity for global researchers to connect themselves to regional activities.

In addition, TCSC has funds to sponsor regional activities such as Technical Competitions for Students, sponsoring prizes and some expensive. Such programs can be hosted along with some conferences held in your country/region. We can even sponsor winning team members to attend TCSC sponsored conferences listed at: http://www.ieeetcsc.org/conferences.html I believe this will give high visibility for your activities as well. There are many professional recognisation for TCSC volunteers. Such as

  1.  Serving a member of the TCSC Executive Committee as a coordinator of TCSC Technical Area;
  2.  elligible to receive IEEE sevice awards;
  3.  possibility of attending IEEE Board meetings,
  4.  lead such areas within TCSC sponsored conferences; ...and list goes on.

The IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC) addresses theoretical and experimental aspects of designing, developing, and evaluating scalable network computing systems, especially clusters and grids, and their applications.
TCSC-Europe aims at providing useful information to whom are involved or interested in research activities who are developed thorough Europe.